The alpine ladies start their giant slalom at 10 am.


Welcome to the ladies´ giant slalom in Bormio! At 10 o' clock the first run will get started.

09:45 - Mölgg, Manuela (ITA):

30 athletes take part in the race today. Like her brother in slalom also manuela Moelgg wears bib number one.

09:48 - Karbon, Denise (ITA):

The little crystal globe in the giant slalom slalom has already been won by Italian Denise Karbon. As she won most of the races in this discipline this season it´s not possible to catch up the deficit.

09:49 - Görgl, Elisabeth (AUT):

But nevertheless it´s about the victory today. Also Elisabeth Goergl has already scored one giant slalom victory this winter.

09:50 - Mancuso, Julia (USA):

Also Manuela Moelgg, Julia Mancuso and Tanja Poutiainen are candidates for today´s victory.

09:51 - Hölzl, Kathrin (GER):

Nicole Hosp and Kathrin Hoelzl rank on the places six and seven in the discipline standings. Also for them an arrival on the podium is possible.

09:52 - Vonn, Lindsey C. (USA):

Lindsey Vonn who has won the overall World Cup starts off as eleventh.


The forerunners will test the slope in a few minutes. So soon the race can begin.


Manuela Moelgg is ready to start off. It has got warmer in Bormio, already five degrees Celsius above zero.

10:02 - Mölgg, Manuela (ITA):

The Italian completes her run in 1:16,16 minutes.

10:03 - Poutiainen, Tanja (FIN):

But Tanja Poutiainen is much faster at the first intermediate. More than half a second! She loses two tenths up to the finish but nevertheless that´s the lead so far.

10:04 - Hölzl, Kathrin (GER):

Now Kathrin Hoelzl. She is more than four tenths behind in the upper part. But she gets better in the middle section. What can she do up to the finish? No, she drops back agagin. That´s place three behind Moelgg.

10:06 - Hosp, Nicole (AUT):

Nicole Hosp is the fastest skier in the upper part so far. And also the middle section is hers. That´s the new benchmark in the finish. Hosp on one.

10:08 - Mancuso, Julia (USA):

Julia Mancuso has problems on the Stelvio. Unfortunately the US-Amercian cannot finish the run.

10:10 - Görgl, Elisabeth (AUT):

Eilsabeth Goergl is already half a second behind in the middle part, but she performs excellently in the lower section. By a hair she misses the lead. That´s place two for the Austrian!

10:11 - Karbon, Denise (ITA):

Denise Karbon cannot show one of her good performances in the first run. 61 hundredths behind the leader she enters the finish on five.

10:12 - Gius, Nicole (ITA):

Nicole Gius doesn´t get along in the middle part. Up to the finish she loses more than a second on the leader. Place seven for her!

10:14 - Jacquemod, Ingrid (FRA):

Ingrid Jacquemod shows a satisfying performance today. She takes over place five in the finish.

10:15 - Schild, Marlies (AUT):

Now Marlies Schild. Can she get close to her team mate´s time? No by 54 hundredths behind Hosp she enters the finish on five.

10:17 - Vonn, Lindsey C. (USA):

Overall World Cup winner Lindsey Vonn makes it on nine in the first run. But she is already one second behind Hosp.

10:18 - Worley, Tessa (FRA):

Tessa Worley has difficulties to manage the course set on the Stelvio. On position eleven she is already 1,59 seconds behind.

10:19 - Zettel, Kathrin (AUT):

Good result for a further Austrian. Kathrin Zettel finishes her first run on five so far.

10:21 - Pärson, Anja (SWE):

What can Anja Paerson show now? She doesn´t take her run down very riskily. So it´s an average result in the finish, place ten.

10:23 - Pietilae-Holmner, Maria (SWE):

Her team mate Maria Pietilae-Holmner doesn´t get along with the course. She only enters the finish on 14. After 15 starters Nicole Hosp is still in the lead.

10:25 - Riesch, Maria (GER):

After Sarka Zahrobska who enters the finish on 14 Maria Riesch takes up teh race now.

10:26 - Riesch, Maria (GER):

But Maria Riesch drops out and the race is interrupted now.


Before the race can go on the gate has to be repared first.

10:29 - Zuzulova, Veronika (SVK):

Now Veronika Zuzulova is on her way. But also she skis out. That´s bad luck!

10:31 - Kirchgasser, Michaela (AUT):

The conditions seem to become worse. Neither Michaela Kirchgasser can score a good time. She becomes 16th so far.

10:33 - Brem, Eva-Maria (AUT):

By a hair Eva Brem misses the top ten. On place eleven she is one second behind.

10:34 - Rebensburg, Viktoria (GER):

Viktoria Rebensburg scores excellent times at the intermediate time measurements. But the last section causes her troubles as well. There she loses more than a second and misses a good result.

10:36 - Lindell-Vikarby, Jessica (SWE):

Jessica Lindell-Vikarby enters the finish on place 19.

10:38 - Alfieri, Camilla (ITA):

Now only a few starters are left. Camilla Alfieri becomes 15th so far, Marion Betrand enters the finish on 20.

10:40 - Robnik, Mateja (SLO):

Mateja Robnik is on her way as one of the last starters. She crosses the finish line by 1,51 seconds behind the leader and becomes 14th.

10:41 - Janyk, Britt (CAN):

Britt Janyk doesn´t succeed a good run. She drops back on position 22.

10:42 - Brydon, Emily (CAN):

Emily Brydon takes away her team mate´s position now, Nadia Styger makes it to place 25.

10:43 - Vanderbeek, Kelly (CAN):

Kelly Vanderbeek drops out now only Anna Fenninger is left at the start.

10:44 - Fenninger, Anna (AUT):

The last starter Anna Fenninger completes her race on position 23.

10:46 - Hosp, Nicole (AUT):

After the first run Nicole Hosp leads ahead of Elisabeth Goergl by a hair. Tanja Poutiainen follows by two tenths of a second.


We will be back with the second run at 12.30 pm. Until then!


Welcome back to the women´s giant slalom final!

12:22 - Hosp, Nicole (AUT):

26 athletes made it to the final. The fastest time in the first run was set by Nicole Hosp.

12:24 - Styger, Nadia (SUI):

Nadia Styger will be the first woman on the track.


Four Austrians rank among the top six after the first run. So after Herbst´s win at the men´s slalom it could be another triumph for the Austrians today.

12:32 - Styger, Nadia (SUI):

Now Styger is on her way. She does her best on the soft slope. The temperatures rose up to 12 degrees Celsius now. The Swiss enters the finish in 2:28,78 minutes.

12:33 - Lindell-Vikarby, Jessica (SWE):

Jessica Lindell Vikarby undercuts the time directly after Styger and takes the lead.

12:34 - Janyk, Britt (CAN):

Britt Janyk doesn´t get along very well and she drops back on place three.

12:37 - Fenninger, Anna (AUT):

Young Austrian Anna Fenninger completes a very good run. She finds a clean line and a good rhythm. That´s the clear lead for her. Well done!

12:38 - Brydon, Emily (CAN):

Emily Brydon cannot go as fast as her competitor. She loses one position and ranks behind Fenninger now.

12:38 - Bertrand, Marion (FRA):

Great new minimum time for Marion Betrand now. She undercuts Fenninger´s benchmark by 59 hundredths of a second now.

12:39 - Kirchgasser, Michaela (AUT):

Michael Kirchgasser cannot threaten that time but nevertheless she reaches a satisfying second place so far.


Swede Maria Pietilae-Homlner has more probelms on the Stelvio. She loses time constantly and only enters the finish on place five.

12:42 - Zahrobska, Sarka (CZE):

With the sixth fastest time of the second run Sarka Zahrobska becomes second in the final.

12:43 - Rebensburg, Viktoria (GER):

Great new time for Viktoria Rebensburg in the finish. She completed the best run of the final so far. In the finish her margin is 88 hundredths ahead of her competitors.

12:44 - Alfieri, Camilla (ITA):

Camilla Alfieri who is up next cannot get close to Rebensburg´s time. By a gap of 1,11 seconds she takes over place three.

12:48 - Worley, Tessa (FRA):

Tessa Worley gets along quite well considering the conditions. But she loses her margin and in the finish she is four tenths behind and ranks on place two so far.

12:48 - Robnik, Mateja (SLO):

Neither Mateja Robnik beats the benchmarknow. She crosses the finish line on place three with the sixth fastest time of the run.

12:50 - Gius, Nicole (ITA):

Also Nicole Gius is a bit late at the gates. She started off with a margin of six tenths but in the finish she is two tenths behind.

12:51 - Vonn, Lindsey C. (USA):

Probably Lindsey Vonn will set the new minimum time now. She is fast at the time measurements on the slope. Although her margin becomes smaller up to the finish she makes it to the top!

12:52 - Brem, Eva-Maria (AUT):

Eva Maria Brem doesn´t make any visible bigger mistakes but she is not fast enough. Her performance takes her to place five.

12:53 - Pärson, Anja (SWE):

Anja Paerson chooses the closest way around the gates. But that doesn´t pay off. She was too close and falls.

12:54 - Hölzl, Kathrin (GER):

Far ways are used by Kathrin Hoelzl. That makes her lose time. She doesn´t manage to stay in front but enters the finish on place two between Vonn and her team mate Rebensburg.

12:58 - Karbon, Denise (ITA):

Denise Karbon won´t score the victory today, But that´s not important for her as she has already won the globe for the discipline. So far she is second in this race.

12:59 - Jacquemod, Ingrid (FRA):

Ingrid Jacquemod defends her margin and keeps the lead in the finish. Marlies Schild will start off next.

13:01 - Schild, Marlies (AUT):

Schild takes down the run quite risky. That takes her to the minimum time at the intermediate but in the finish the Austrian misses the lead by one tenths of a second.

13:03 - Zettel, Kathrin (AUT):

Although Kathrin Zettel is clearly in front at the time measurements on the slope she loses some tenths up to the finish. Tightly she manages to remain ahead.

13:05 - Mölgg, Manuela (ITA):

Her brother´s victory seems to have given her wings. Manuela Moelgg skis down the hill with a good rhythm and on a good line and she becomes the new leader in the finish!

13:07 - Poutiainen, Tanja (FIN):

Tanja Poutiainen won´t complete the season on the podium. She becomes forth after the second run so far. Only two Austrian ladies will follow.

13:08 - Görgl, Elisabeth (AUT):

Can Lizzy Goergl score the second World Cup victory of the season? It looks good. Anyway she takes over the lead before the last athlete starts off.

13:11 - Hosp, Nicole (AUT):

Nicole Hosp is good on her way in the upper section. But then in the middle part she drops out by a hair. That was tight! The error costs a lot of time and she only becomes eleventh in the end.

13:11 - Görgl, Elisabeth (AUT):

So her team mate Elisabeth Goergl wins the giant slalom ahead of Manuela Moelgg and Kathrin Zettel.

13:12 - Rebensburg, Viktoria (GER):

Viktoria Rebensburg who becomes tenths in the end scored the fastest time of the second run!


That was our coverage from the women´s giant slalom. Tomorrow on March 16th the team competition is on the agenda at 9.30 am. Until then!