After the cancelled downhill there is a super G for the women on the agenda on March 13th. Start of the race is set for 12.30 p.m.


Welcome to the first decision in the women´s World Cup at the Bormio weekend!


After the men´s super G had already been carried out on the Stelvio this morning we can be curious about the conditions on the track for the women now.

12:12 - Riesch, Maria (GER):

Four women still have chances to catch the crystal globe. Ahead of all Maria Riesch who leads in the discipline standings with 334 points. Beside the German Elisabeth Goergl (281), Renate Goetschl (261) and Emily Brydon (254) are within reach for the trophy.


27 athletes strive for points today but only 15 among them will receive points in the finals.


Like already mentioned the conditions play an important role today. As there are seven degrees Celsius above zero it´s pretty warm and the piste may get very soft during the race.

12:18 - Cook, Stacey (USA):

The first one on the slope will be Stacey Cook. Maybe she can profit by the early bib like Ales Gorza did before. The Slovene became third in the end.

12:19 - Rebensburg, Viktoria (GER):

Third one today is Viktoria Rebensburg. The German became Junior World Champion in Spain in this discipline this year.

12:19 - Götschl, Renate (AUT):

While Renate Goetschl starts off with bib 16, Maria Riesch folllows as 18th.

12:23 - Vonn, Lindsey C. (USA):

The super G decision also plays a role for the overall World Cup. There Lindsey Vonn leads ahead of Maria Riesch and Nicole Hosp.

12:24 - Vonn, Lindsey C. (USA):

In contrast to downhill Lindsey Vonn hasn´t been very constant in super G this season. What will she show us today?

12:26 - Hosp, Nicole (AUT):

If Nicole Hosp wants to defend her title as Overall World Cup winner the Austrian has to begin to catch up and rank ahead of Vonn and Riesch.


The first forerunner is on her way. So the race is supposed to begin right on time at 12.30 pm.

12:32 - Cook, Stacey (USA):

Stacey Cook completes her run. She sets the first benchmark in 1:20,49 minutes.

12:33 - Vanderbeek, Kelly (CAN):

But her time doesn´t last long. Kelly Vanderbeek can go faster on the Stelvio and undercuts the time nine hundredths of a second.

12:35 - Rebensburg, Viktoria (GER):

Now Viktoria Rebensburg takes her chance. She cannot threaten the minimum time but completes a satisfying race and enters the finish on three.

12:37 - Schild, Marlies (AUT):

Marlies Schild doesn´t get along very well on the slope. For the time being she takes over the last place behind Rebensburg.

12:39 - Ceccarelli, Daniela (ITA):

With bib number five we see Daniela Ceccarelli now. She loses time constantly in the different sections and only enters the finish on place five.

12:40 - Zettel, Kathrin (AUT):

Kathrin Zettel doesn´t get close to the minimum time in the upper part but in the lower section she manages to catch up. That´s the lead for the Austrian by only one hundredths of a second.

12:41 - Zahrobska, Sarka (CZE):

Sarka Zahrobska´s favourite discipline is slalom. Today she completes a satisfying super G and enters the finish on place five ahead of Schild so far.

12:42 - Fischbacher, Andrea (AUT):

Andrea Fischbacher has some problems in the upper part of the slope. That makes her lose some time which she cannot catch up until the finish. Place seven for her!

12:44 - Hosp, Nicole (AUT):

Big margin for Nicole Hosp in the upper section. But the middle part causes her some troubles. Nevertheless she takes down a good line and ranks on two two hundredths of a second behind the leader.

12:45 - Meissnitzer, Alexandra (AUT):

Alexandra Meissnitzer announced to complete her last race today. Will she give a proof of her potential once more? Yes, great! She takes the lead by more than half a second.

12:47 - Styger, Nadia (SUI):

Also Nadia Styger shows a good performance. She doesn´t attack the best time but she make sit to a good second place. so far.

12:48 - Lindell-Vikarby, Jessica (SWE):

Jessica Lindell-Vikarby sets the best time at the first intermediate. But then she loses some time. In the end it´s place four for the Swede.

12:50 - Janyk, Britt (CAN):

Britt Janyk is next. But the Canadian falls! She seems to have hurt her face. But she gets back on her skies again! What a relief!

12:52 - Schild, Martina (SUI):

After a short interruption Martina Schild has taken up the race now. The pace is alright, her deficit is not too big at the beginning.

12:54 - Schild, Martina (SUI):

But she loses some tenths up to the finish. That´s place eight for the Swiss!

12:55 - Vonn, Lindsey C. (USA):

Lindsey Vonn starts off now and wants to attack the minimum time. She performs great in all parts of the Stelvio and is rewarded with place one in the finish.

12:56 - Vonn, Lindsey C. (USA):

After 15 starters the US-American leads ahead of Alexandra Meissnitzer and Nadia Styger.

12:57 - Götschl, Renate (AUT):

What about the next athlete Renate Goetschl now. That doesn´t look too good for a victory. And right: With a deficit of 74 hundredths she takes over place eight.

12:59 - Mancuso, Julia (USA):

Julia Mancuso is good on her way. In the end she loses a bit time but she still ranks on four so far.

13:01 - Riesch, Maria (GER):

It´s Maria Riesch´s turn now. Will she catch the crystal globe? She has little problems on her way down. After her run she takes over place four. What will the others do?

13:02 - Görgl, Elisabeth (AUT):

Riesch is not the only one who wants to win the trophy. Elisabeth Goergl heads for the globe as well. By a hair she enters the finish ahead of Riesch. But that won´t probably be enough for Goergl.

13:04 - Brydon, Emily (CAN):

Emily Brydon has no say when it´s about the victory. So her chances on the globe are gone as well. She becomes 13th so far.

13:05 - Riesch, Maria (GER):

That means that we have a new winner of the crystal globe for super G. It´s Germany´s Maria Riesch who has already won the globe for the combined discipline. Congratulations!

13:05 - Suter, Fabienne (SUI):

Switzerland´s Fabienne Suter is good on her way. That´s the best line so far. She doesn´t care about the bumpy piste and makes it to the top. That´s the lead for the Swiss!

13:07 - Pärson, Anja (SWE):

Anja Paerson cannot get in on in the front today. She slips away from the right line after a little mistake. With place 14 the Swede won´t be satisfied.

13:10 - Jacquemod, Ingrid (FRA):

It doesn´t work for Ingrid Jacquemod today. In the first part she is already eight tenth of a second behind. Up to the finish the deficit is even duplicated.

13:11 - Aufdenblatten, Fränzi (SUI):

The next Swiss is at the start: Fraenzi Aufdenblatten. But there´s no chance for her on the soft slope. That´s only place 20.

13:12 - Maze, Tina (SLO):

With a deficit of 1,73 seconds and place 23 Tina Maze enters the finish.

13:14 - Ruiz Castillo, Caroline (SPA):

As Britt Janyk has dropped out now Carolina Ruiz Castillo takes over the last place. And only Silvia Berger will follow now.

13:16 - Berger, Silvia (AUT):

Silvia Berger becomes 25th. By her arrival in the finish the speed disciplines of the season 207/2008 are completed!

13:17 - Suter, Fabienne (SUI):

Fabienne Suter wins ahead of overall World Cup leader Lindsey Vonn and Alexandra Meissnitzer who completed the last race of her carreer.

13:19 - Riesch, Maria (GER):

Maria Riesch wins the second little crystal globe of her carreer.
But her friend Lindsey Vonn has gained some more points in the overall World Cup. With 1343 points she leads by 197 points ahead of Riesch now.


That was our coverage from an exciting super G competition.


Tomorrow a slalom is on the women´s agenda. It will get started at 9 o'clock. See you then!