At 09.30 a.m. the men's super G is planned on March 13th.


Welcome to the last super G races of the season in Bormio! First it´s the mens´ turn at 9.30 am.


After the two downhills were cancelled yesterday it seems as if the first race of the final could take place today right on time.

09:12 - Cuche, Didier (SUI):

While Didier Cuche received the little crystal globe in downhill without carrying out the last race, there are some candidates for the award in super G.

09:15 - Reichelt, Hannes (AUT):

But it´s also the Swiss who has the best chances on the victory in this discipline. Beside him Hannes Reichelt and Christoph Gruber have theoretical chances but they are already far away concerning the points.

09:19 - Sander, Andreas (GER):

Beside the best starters of the World Cup standings also the Junior World Champion German Andreas Sander will take part. Altogether we will see 27 athletes.

09:21 - Miller, Bode (USA):

As regards the overall World Cup standings the race is interesting as well. If Cuche shows a goos performance he will be able wo gain worthy points compared to Bode Miller.

09:23 - Miller, Bode (USA):

Bode Miller leads by 169 points. For the US-American it´s important not to lose too much points on the downhill champion of the season.


The forerunners get ready for their start. Soon after them the race will be opened.

09:30 - Gorza, Ales (SLO):

Ales Gorza wears bib number one. He waits for the starting signal now.


The conditions are like they have already been during the last days. The sun is shining and the temperatures are rising constantly.

09:33 - Gorza, Ales (SLO):

The Slovene has arrived in the finish. He sets the first time in 1:45,43 minutes.

09:34 - Sander, Andreas (GER):

Now Andreas Sander is on the slope. What can the young German show us? Unfortunately he has difficulties and falls. But he didn´t get hurt.

09:35 - Mölgg, Manfred (ITA):

Italian Manfred Moelgg is next. Neither he gets close to Gorza´s time. By 1,33 seconds he ranks behind the Slovene.

09:36 - Bourque, Francois (CAN):

Francois Bourque gets along better on the slope but he cannot threaten Gorza´s time neither. That´s place two for the Canadian.

09:37 - Heel, Werner (ITA):

Werner Heel scores a good time in the upper part but in the lower section he loses constantly. In the end it´s position three so far.

09:39 - Kostelic, Ivica (CRO):

Slalom expert Ivica Kostelic is next on the piste. He drops back in the lower section clearly. He catches up two tenths in th elower part and crosses the finish line as forth for the time being.

09:40 - Schönfelder, Rainer (AUT):

Rainer Schoenfelder has scores some good results in speed disciplines this season. But today it doesn´t work perfectly for him. It´s only place five in the finish.

09:41 - Staudacher, Patrick (ITA):

The next two starters Ambrosi Hoffmann and Patrick Staudacher the reigning World Champion in this discipline both drop out.

09:43 - Dixon, Robbie (CAN):

Now it´s Robby Dixon´s turn. Maybe he can provide us with a surprise. But no, he falls! And it seems as if he has got hurt.

09:44 - Dixon, Robbie (CAN):

All clear! He is back on his feet again and the race can be continued.

09:46 - Streitberger, Georg (AUT):

Georg Streitberger who won the the first race of his carreer in Kvitfjell is on his way now. But he still seem shocked by the accident of his room mate Matthias Lanzinger. The Austrian is the next one who skis out.

09:48 - Maier, Hermann (AUT):

Will Hermann Maier make it to the finish now? He doesn´t take the best line and that means place five in the finish.

09:50 - Defago, Didier (SUI):

After 13 starters we have a new leader now. It´s Didier Defago from Switzerland. He scores good times in all sections and is rewarded with the lead by 33 hundredths of a second.

09:51 - Walchhofer, Michael (AUT):

But directly after him Michael Walchhofer becomes the next victim of the Stelvio. The Austrian drops out.

09:53 - Kucera, John (CAN):

John Kucera sets a new best time at the intermediate time measurement. But also the Canadian has problems in the middle part. That makes him lose a lot of time. That won´t be a place in the front. He enters the finish on seven.

09:54 - Defago, Didier (SUI):

After 15 starters among them many drop outs Didier Defago leads ahead of Ales Gorza and Francois Bourque.

09:56 - Reichelt, Hannes (AUT):

Now Hannes Reichelt makes his way down the Stelvio. The conditions on the piste get more and more difficult.


Nevertheless he is good on his way in the upper part. But what about the difficult lower passages?

09:57 - Reichelt, Hannes (AUT):

What a tight decision! The Austrian takes over the lead by one hundredths of a second!

09:58 - Miller, Bode (USA):

US-American Bode Miller follows. Actually he likes the pistes here in Bormio.

10:00 - Miller, Bode (USA):

But Bode Miller isn´t aggressive enough. He didn´t find a good line. One second behind Reichelt he enters the finish on place eight so far.

10:01 - Guay, Erik (CAN):

Erik Guay can perform a bit better. At least he makes it to position five after 18 athletes have completed the race.

10:03 - Büchel, Marco (LIE):

The man from Liechtenstein, Marco Buechel, skis down the piste now. But he is far away from the minimum time and takes over place eleven in the finish.

10:04 - Gruber, Christoph (AUT):

A big mistake in the upper part makes Christoph Gruber drop back a lot so that he won´t be within reach for the top five places anymore.

10:04 - Gruber, Christoph (AUT):

In the end short before reaching the finish he even drops out.

10:05 - Cuche, Didier (SUI):

Now Dider Cuche. He wants to grasp the next crystal globe now. But will he succeed?

10:07 - Cuche, Didier (SUI):

He cannot threaten the leader and only becomes twelfth so far. That means if he drops back on 16 he will lose the crystal globe although he was supposed to win his second before the race.

10:07 - Raich, Benjamin (AUT):

Six athletes will still follow. First of all Benjamin Raich has started off.

10:08 - Raich, Benjamin (AUT):

And he performs excellently. Benni Raich gets along well with the bad conditions and enters the finish on position four.

10:09 - Reichelt, Hannes (AUT):

After 22 starters Hannes Reichelt leads ahead of Didier Defago and Ales Gorza.

10:10 - Görgl, Stephan (AUT):

Will Stephan Goergl be the next one who enters the finish ahead of Cuche?

10:12 - Görgl, Stephan (AUT):

But at the second time measurement the Austrian has already lost a lot of time. It´s not enough to rank ahead of Cuche. He becomes 16th so far.

10:13 - Jerman, Andrej (SLO):

The next Slovene is on his Way. Andrej Jerman sets satisfying times at the intermediates. He enters the top ten.

10:15 - Innerhofer, Christof (ITA):

By a hair Christoph Innerhofer undercuts Cuche´s time. Now Cuche´s team mate Daniel Albrecht is on his way. Will he be faster than his team mate, too?

10:16 - Albrecht, Daniel (SUI):

Even Albrecht can make it better than Cuche. That´s really bad luck for Cuche or you can say luck for Hannes Reichelt.

10:18 - Reichelt, Hannes (AUT):

Although Cuche looked like the clear winner of the next little crystal globe before the race, Hannes Reichelt turns the standings upside down and doesn´t only make it to the victory today but also to the win of the little crystal globe.

10:19 - Ligety, Ted (USA):

In the meantime the last starter Ted Ligety skis down the Stelvio. Although he almost drops out he finishes teh race. But the US-American enters the finish by 13 seconds behind the leader and take sover the last place 20.

10:20 - Reichelt, Hannes (AUT):

So this race end with a big surprise for everyone! Hannes Reichelt wins ahead of Didier Defago and Ales Gorza.

10:22 - Reichelt, Hannes (AUT):

Alone in this race Reichelt caught up 99 points on Cuche and so he made sure the victory in the super G discipline. Surely he didn´t figure on doing this. So, it´s only left to say: Congratulations to the Austrian!


That was our coverage on the men´s super G. We will be back with the women´s race at noon as far as the piste will still be alright then.


On Friday, March 14th the first run of the mens´ giant slalom will get started at 10 o'clock. Until then!