The Women's Giant Slalom in Maribor will start on January 12th at 10.30 a.m.

10:26 - Karbon, Denise (ITA):

Welcome to the giant slalom in Maribor. The big question of course is: Who can stop Denise Karbon?

10:27 - Karbon, Denise (ITA):

The Italian has won all four giant slaloms so far this season and is the big favorite also today.

10:28 - Poutiainen, Tanja (FIN):

But there are other names who might beat Karbon. So is Tanja Poutiainen a contender for the win.

10:30 - Mancuso, Julia (USA):

Also Julia Mancuso from the US and the strong Austrian team has chances to win here.

10:30 - Mölgg, Manuela (ITA):

In a few moments Manuela Moelgg from Italy will start the race with bib one.

10:33 - Mölgg, Manuela (ITA):

And Moelgg sets the first time here today. We will see what this time is worth but it was not a bad run.

10:34 - Mancuso, Julia (USA):

Big mistake from Mancuso now in the last part of the course and with that she falls behind of course.

10:36 - Görgl, Elisabeth (AUT):

Great run now by Goergl who gets better the longer the season is running. She sets a new best time and that is a great time.

10:37 - Hölzl, Kathrin (GER):

German's Hoelzl is way slower. She loses already in the top part a lot of time and in the end she is more than a second behind Goergl.

10:39 - Karbon, Denise (ITA):

What a surprise! Denise Karbon is way behind after the first run. She has huge problems in the middle and also in the end nd therefore is 1,41 seconds behind Goergl. That will be tough to win.

10:45 - Poutiainen, Tanja (FIN):

The Fin Tanja Poutiainen gets a good run down the course and is third at the moment.

10:46 - Hosp, Nicole (AUT):

Bad run now by Nicole Hosp who loses almost two seconds and is way behind her team mate Goergl.

10:48 - Gius, Nicole (ITA):

Crash now from Nicole Gius of Italy. She had a really good time until the middle but then skis out and can't get a good result today.

10:49 - Schild, Marlies (AUT):

Also Marlies Schild doesn't have a perfect run as she has problems in the end and falls behind.

10:50 - Pärson, Anja (SWE):

The same stands for Anja Paerson. The Swede is already in the top part almost a second behind and in the finish it is more than two seconds.

10:52 - Zettel, Kathrin (AUT):

Great run by Kathrin Zettel now as she is in the top part as fast as Goergl but then she loses some time in the end, just like everybody else in the last minutes. Still the third place for her.

10:55 - Pietilae-Holmner, Maria (SWE):

The Swede Pietilae-Holmner is 7th at the moment after a good run. She had a well raced top part.

10:57 - Putzer, Karen (ITA):

Now Putzer and Jacquemod have both not their best day and are way behind. They have to go full speed in the final run to get a decent result.

10:59 - Görgl, Elisabeth (AUT):

After 15 racer we have Austrian Goergl up in front followed by Moelgg and Zettel.

11:01 - Zahrobska, Sarka (CZE):

Slalom World Champion Zahrobska tries to get a good result in giant slalom as well but she as clearly some problems in this specialty still. That is only rank 14 for her.

11:03 - Riesch, Maria (GER):

After Fischbacher, who ski out, we see Maria Riesch from Germany. She needs a decent result to not lose too many points for the overall World Cup. But that is not a good run and only the 15th place with 3,94 seconds behind.

11:07 - Vonn, Lindsey C. (USA):

After the German also Lindsey Vonn wants a good result. The American skis not much better and is also way behind.

11:09 - Rebensburg, Viktoria (GER):

Also the young German Rebensburg has problems with the course which gets worse.

11:11 - Worley, Tessa (FRA):

Until the end all the racers can keep up with the top but then the icy plate near the finish is a big problem for all. So it is for Worley from France.

11:18 - Alcott, Chemmy (GBR):

Quite good performance now from Chemmy Alcott who is 17th at the moment.

11:19 - Bertrand, Marion (FRA):

Good performance in the top part now from Marion Bertrand from France. Bu also she loses some time in the end. Still the 15th place.

11:24 - Weirather, Tina (LIE):

With these conditions Tina Weirather has a great run and is 19th. That should be good enough for the final run.


That should do it for the first run. The second run will start at 1.45 p.m. We will be back right on time for it. Until then!

13:47 - Görgl, Elisabeth (AUT):

The women's final in Maribos GS will start soon. Can Elisabeth Görgl keep her first position? We will now about that - in a couple of minutes!

13:48 - Janyk, Britt (CAN):

Britt Janyk is the first to start. This run seems faster than the first one - but is this a good mark? There were some mistakes in this run.

13:49 - Drev, Ana (SLO):

Ana Drev uses her chance. The Pohorje-slope is good - and she is fast! 1,57 seconds - that is quite a lot of time. First place for her.

13:50 - Fenninger, Anna (AUT):

Anna Fenninger is next, but not as aggressive as Drev. She is second so far.

13:52 - Lindell-Vikarby, Jessica (SWE):

Lindell-Vikarby hat hal a second in advance - and she really needs this surplus to keep Drev in behind after two runs. She takes the lead!

13:53 - Alfieri, Camilla (ITA):

Camilla Alfieri is in good shape today and prevents mistakes. This is a fluent run - she has the second best time so far in the final - this is enough to take the overall lead.

13:55 - Brem, Eva-Maria (AUT):

Austrias Brem has some more problems and must accept to fall back to the fouth position so far - therefore she is a bit disappointed.

13:56 - Maze, Tina (SLO):

Bad luck for Tina Maze, who fights hard to clinch the first position, but fails in the end: 1/100 is missing!

13:58 - Robnik, Mateja (SLO):

That's a new best time by Mateja Robnik - and her time is a very good mark so far. More than one second ahead of Alfieri - she is happy.

14:03 - Mancuso, Julia (USA):

The Olympic Champion had a huge mistake in the first run. Here she fails to beat Robnik, but is second so far.

14:04 - Riesch, Maria (GER):

Maria Riesch is the next one - and she is carried by her latest successes. Yes, this is enough for the top spot! A good result for her.

14:05 - Rebensburg, Viktoria (GER):

The bnext is a young german talent. Rebensburg does a good job today, but can't improve her position.

14:07 - Alcott, Chemmy (GBR):

Chemmy Alcott now - and this is a very good show by the best british racer in the Tour. Will she beat Riesch? Yes - she does!

14:08 - Worley, Tessa (FRA):

It's a brilliant season so far by young Tessa Worley - and this may be another step ahead. Like an old hand she rocks the slope and takes the lead. Very well done.

14:09 - Vonn, Lindsey C. (USA):

Lindsey Vonn is next. A good ranking will improve her chances in the overall rankings - and this is a fantastic run! She hardly misses the best time of this final by Robnik but takes the lead.

14:11 - Bertrand, Marion (FRA):

Mario Bertrand must be happy to enter the final. She loses some positions here, but is happy in the finish area.

14:12 - Zahrobska, Sarka (CZE):

Zahrobska with a mistake on a critical point: The flat part follows and she lacks the speed. This throws her back on rank eight.

14:14 - Jacquemod, Ingrid (FRA):

Jacquemod now has half a second in advance and keeps that in the upper part. Kildows mark may be beaten now, as the Frensh racer increases her lead! Best time so far, that will be good for some places up.

14:15 - Putzer, Karen (ITA):

Karen Putzer does not take that much risk. Her line is different - and much slower. Fourth place so far.

14:17 - Schild, Marlies (AUT):

Marlies Schild attacks, had one bigger mistake in run one and now she wants more. This looks very good, but maybe it's too hard. Anyhow, she loses time and is second.

14:19 - Pärson, Anja (SWE):

Even an athlete like Pärson loses much time on Jacquemod. More than one second have been added until the finish line. She is on the second place.

14:20 - Kirchgasser, Michaela (AUT):

Kirchgasser loses more than one second in the first part! What will come next? The Austrian finally lets her skis go, but falls back to rank four.

14:23 - Hosp, Nicole (AUT):

Now it's up to the World Champion. Seven tenth is her lead at the start - and it shrinks! Some small mistakes, but she is fast and fights herself - to the top spot!

14:25 - Pietilae-Holmner, Maria (SWE):

Pietilae-Holmner takes a longer way at several points. Is this a sign of speed? In the flat part it is not - third position so far, Hosp holds the lead.

14:27 - Karbon, Denise (ITA):

Four wins in four races so far for Karbon - but today it does not look like another win. It's a good run, no doubt, fluently and safe she carves to the finish. It's Hosp ore Karbon - Karbon is on top!

14:28 - Hölzl, Kathrin (GER):

But there are still some racers to come. Kathrin Hölzl is Germanys best in this discipline. She loses time from intermediate one until the end - but it's a second place. This will be a good result again.

14:30 - Poutiainen, Tanja (FIN):

Tanja Poutiainen hardly knows two good runs this season. There is one bigger mistake in this run as well - therefore only third.

14:32 - Zettel, Kathrin (AUT):

Zettel also has a mistake, the slope is not getting better! But it's still good. Zettel is too late at some gates! She has to go besides the prepared slope, that costs much time.

14:33 - Mölgg, Manuela (ITA):

Manuela Mölgg now goes for the victory! That's a great first part. In the flat section she can even attack and this is a great time. She beats Karbon! But is this the win?

14:38 - Görgl, Elisabeth (AUT):

Elisabeth Görgl now. What can she do? This is another very good run by Görgl! She is not satisfied with a good result, she wants to win! And she does - congratulations to Görgl.


A slalom is scheduled in Maribor tomorrow. The first run starts at 9:30 am CET. Until then!