Adelboden is the first of four exciting slalom competitions within the next four weeks. It starts off at 10:30 h CET on January 6th.


Welcome to the Men's slalom in Adelboden. We expect an exciting race in which at least ten racers are capable to win.

10:30 - Grange, Jean-Baptiste (FRA):

The last winner was Jean Baptiste Grange from France, who clinched his first World Cup win in Alta Badia. Does the second victory follow today?

10:30 - Neureuther, Felix (GER):

Or can Germanys Felix Neureuther climb the top spot for the first time? Other candidates for the win are Jens Byggmark and Cristian Deville.

10:31 - Raich, Benjamin (AUT):

Maybe the old-hands make the game? Benjamin Raich and Markus Larsson can do it - as well as Kalle Palander.

10:32 - Grange, Jean-Baptiste (FRA):

Grange is the first one today. Little problems in the first part, that is very steep. He sets the first time.

10:33 - Neureuther, Felix (GER):

Very good run by Neureuther, who likes the icy and steep parts. He clockes a new best time and takes the lead.

10:36 - Mölgg, Manfred (ITA):

Brillant second part by Manfred Mölgg - this is half a second that he is better than Neureuther in the last part. After all, this is the first place.

10:37 - Raich, Benjamin (AUT):

Raich does better than the Italian in the first part but then falls back. But the Austrian misses the best time only by a hair.

10:38 - Larsson, Markus (SWE):

A new leader on the board: Markus Larsson with an almost perfect run. He finds the best way through both parts.

10:39 - Byggmark, Jens (SWE):

His team mate Byggmark is in trouble. After a first mistake he loses his rhythm and that is the red lantern so far.

10:41 - Matt, Mario (AUT):

Now we see the World Champion. Matt is quick in between the gates. Like a wizard he sneaks through the second part and takes the lead! What a great run by Matt.

10:42 - Janyk, Michael (CAN):

What a thrilling first run up to now. Michael Janyk from Canada can't keep that pace, he comes in on rank seven.

10:44 - Ligety, Ted (USA):

Ted Ligety is already back after his crash in the GS yesterday. And he is fast! Ligety rocks on the slope and enters the board on position two. This will be an exciting final run!

10:46 - Deville, Cristian (ITA):

Cristian Deville hardly prevents to fall out of the race. The price: Four seconds handicap. We will most probably not see him again.

10:47 - Gini, Marc (SUI):

Take care for the Swiss racers. Gini knows his home slope - but he is the first racer to fall out.

10:49 - Kostelic, Ivica (CRO):

Old hand Kostelic has done this course so often in his carreer. And he sets a brilliant intermediate! In the finish he is only four hundreths in behind. Very good run.

10:51 - Palander, Kalle (FIN):

Another man for the top spot? Palander is capable to do that. Good first part - and then he flies off. He took too much risk, as it seems.

10:52 - Berthod, Marc (SUI):

The bells are ringing - here is Marc Berthos. But yesterdays winner does not get into the race. He is out, too. Not the crowd in Adelboden can only hope for Daniel Albrecht.

10:54 - Herbst, Reinfried (AUT):

But before him its the turn of Reinfried Herbst - and the Austrian throws his good run away with a bad mistake.

10:57 - Albrecht, Daniel (SUI):

Albrecht is out, too - with him all three swiss hopes for a good result are already out of the game.

10:58 - Rocca, Giorgio (ITA):

Now its Giogio Roccas turn - but the Italian simply does not find his shape. He comes in on position ten.

11:00 - Myhrer, Andre (SWE):

Andre Myhrer is a little faster than Rocca and enters the board on position nine.

11:01 - Lizeroux, Julien (FRA):

This man is interesting: Julien Lizeroux enters the gates aggressively, but one mistake in the last part prevents a better place than 10.

11:07 - Vajdic, Bernard (SLO):

Now Bernhard Vajdic. He has quite a good run and will be satisfied with position 13.

11:08 - Sasaki, Akira (JPN):

Akira Sasaki from Japan loves conditions like this: steep and icy. And he takes a high risk. Thats a great perfomance and the sixth place so far!

11:09 - Minagawa, Kentaro (JPN):

Kentaro Minagawa, also from Japan, can't copy that run and drops out - the same does Patrick Thaler from Italy.

11:10 - Schönfelder, Rainer (AUT):

Rainer Schönfelder is back in the game after a crash. And he can be fast! Very good show by the Austrian - place five.

11:12 - Cochran, Jimmy (USA):

Jimmy Cochran is in a good shape - and he brings it down today. 11th position for the US racer.

11:15 - Koll, Alexander (AUT):

Alexander Koll and Johann Brolenius are the next to fall out.

11:17 - Lahdenperae, Anton (SWE):

Lahdenperae does the same, this is a challenging slope on the 'Chuenisbaergli'.

11:18 - Karlsen, Truls Ove (NOR):

Truls Ove Karlsen now crosses the finish line and will participate in the final run. He is currently 19th.

11:22 - Miller, Bode (USA):

Now we take a look at Bode Miller. Can he come back into the World Cup elite in this discipline? No - once more Miller is out, before he really entered the slope. This is a picture we have seen before.


That was it for this exciting first run in Adelboden. The final will start at 13:30 h CET - and we will report live!


Welcome back to the second run in Adelboden.


In a few minutes the second run will begin. Mario Matt is leading after the first slalom run, followed by Ivica Kostelic and Markus Larsson.


The first forerunner is now on the course.


The second run was set by the German coach Weinhandl. It contains 62 gates and 61 turns.

13:30 - Mermillod, Thomas (FRA):

Start! Thomas Mermillod Blondin opens the second run.

13:32 - Mermillod, Thomas (FRA):

2:02.84 - that's the time to beat now. And it won't be too difficult - Mermillod almost skied out after slipping. He stepped back and finished the run - there's World Cup points to gain after all.

13:34 - Chenal, Joel (FRA):

Another French is on the course - Joel Chenal. He takes over the lead, is almost 13 seconds ahead of his teammate in the finish.

13:34 - Dragsic, Mitja (SLO):

Mitja Dragsic, too, misses the transistion to the steep part. 7.46 seconds behind in the finish.

13:38 - Karlsen, Truls Ove (NOR):

Truls Ove Karlsen loses a lot of time in the final part. He is 2nd in the finish.

13:39 - Missilier, Steve (FRA):

Steve Missilier can't keep up with his teammate Chenal either. He is half a second behind in the finish.

13:39 - Bank, Ondrej (CZE):

Chenal gains another position - Ondrej Bank can't kick the French off the lead either. Bank is 2nd currently.

13:42 - Albrecht, Kilian (BUL):

Kilian Albrecht begins well - and loses in the steep part. It's the 5th position for him.

13:43 - Hargin, Mattias (SWE):

Two Swedes now, first Mattias Hargin. He falls back to the 4th position.

13:43 - Hansson, Martin (SWE):

The next one, Martin Hansson, is no danger for Chenal either. He is a second behind in the finish and on the 5th position.

13:45 - Anselmet, Alexandre (FRA):

That was a furious run of Joel Chenal. Alexandre Anselmet, who now crosses the finish line, can't kick him off the throne either. 6th position currently.

13:46 - Yuasa, Naoki (JPN):

Naoki Yuasa, the first Japanese in this second run. He loses all of his leap, too, and is 4th in the finish.

13:47 - Byggmark, Jens (SWE):

And Chenal survives another attack! Jens Byggmark was 0.7 seconds ahead still before the steep final part, where he loses all of this leap. Byggmark is 2nd, 0.23 seconds behind.

13:48 - Hirscher, Marcel (AUT):

Marcel Hirscher is one of the Austrian newcomers. 0.4 seconds ahead still after the 2nd time measurement - and he saves some of this until the finish! Hirscher is the new leader, 0.22 seconds ahead.

13:49 - Rocca, Giorgio (ITA):

Giorgio Rocca is not in the shape of earlier years after his injury. Not too bad now - Rocca is 2nd, 0.01 seconds behind Hirscher.

13:51 - Razzoli, Giuliano (ITA):

Giuliano Razzioli is slipping in the final part. The 23-year-old is 4th in the finish.

13:54 - Vajdic, Bernard (SLO):

Bernard Vajdic extends his leap in the first part - still it's not enough to take over the lead! Vajdic is 0.05 seconds behind in the finish.

13:56 - Janyk, Michael (CAN):

Michael Janyk shows a very stylish carving always. The 25-year-old loses time though and is 15th in the finish.

13:58 - Lizeroux, Julien (FRA):

Julien Lizeroux is a little late at the gates in the final part, but his leap was big! Lizeroux takes over the lead.

13:59 - Myhrer, Andre (SWE):

Andre Myhrer likes the steep parts, but he can't keep up with Lizeroux, who had an excellent run in the upper section. Myhrer is 6th currently.

14:00 - Cochran, Jimmy (USA):

Now Jimmy Cochran. A mistake in the middle part, that cost time. Still the 2nd position, the American is 0.36 seconds behind.

14:01 - Grange, Jean-Baptiste (FRA):

Jean-Baptiste Grange is next. He won the slalom in Alta Badia. Drop-out! Grange misses a gate.

14:03 - Neureuther, Felix (GER):

Felix Neureuther is on the course. The German risks a lot, and it pays off! 0.77 seconds ahead.

14:06 - Raich, Benjamin (AUT):

Benjamin Raich with a good run. Good slalom technique - he takes over the lead! Raich is 0.04 seconds in front.

14:08 - Sasaki, Akira (JPN):

Akira Sasaki is a kamikaze skier. 0.18 seconds behind at the first itme measurement - and he misses a gate! Sasaki steps back and enters the finish, but with a big margin.

14:09 - Mölgg, Manfred (ITA):

Manfred Moelgg's runs always look spectacular. So does this one - but he makes a mistake right after the start and is too late at the gates in consequence. 3rd position so far.

14:11 - Schönfelder, Rainer (AUT):

Rainer Schoenfelder has lost his leap in the first part already. 3rd position in the finish, ex aequo with Moelgg.

14:13 - Larsson, Markus (SWE):

Markus Larsson now. Risky as always, the Swede is 0.08 seconds behind after the flat part. Not optimal in the final section - and he almost drops out! That cost a lot of time, Larsson is 16th.

14:14 - Ligety, Ted (USA):

Ted Ligety is next. He crashed yesterday in the giant slalom and is suffering from quite a few bruises now. Drop-out! Ligety misses a gate.

14:16 - Kostelic, Ivica (CRO):

Ivica Kostelic had a leap of 0.45 after the first run. All of that is lost after the first part already. Kostelic doesn't ski at full speed - and his time shows: The Croation is 5th in the finish.

14:16 - Matt, Mario (AUT):

Mario Matt is the last one who can change the current result. Best in the first run, how fast is he now?

14:17 - Matt, Mario (AUT):

Matt was 0.49 ahead of Raich after the first run. So many mistakes in the final part - but he saves a tiny leap! Matt wins, 0.1 seconds ahead of his teammate.

14:18 - Matt, Mario (AUT):

Mario Matt wins the slalom World Cup race in Adelboden. Benni Raich reaches the 2nd position, Felix Neureuther is 3rd. Congratulations!

14:19 - Matt, Mario (AUT):

It is the 1st victory in this season and the 7th victory altogether for the routined Austrian.

14:20 - Raich, Benjamin (AUT):

Benni Raich takes over the lead in the slalom World Cup ranking with his 2nd position today.


That was the liveticker coverage of the men's slalom World Cup in Adelboden.


The men now move on to Wengen (SUI), where a Super Combined event will be held on January 11th at 10.30 a.m. Until then!