Sunday, January 6, 2008 is the date for Spindelruv Mlyn's Slalom. The women will start the first run at 9:30 h.

09:03 - Schild, Marlies (AUT):

Welcome to the Women's Slalom in about 30 minutes Marlies Schild will enter the slope and start the competition.

09:10 - Schild, Marlies (AUT):

Schild is one of the first candidates for todays win - but in the last races she fell out quite regularly. Will she find back to her form?

09:11 - Hosp, Nicole (AUT):

The current leader of the slalom standings is Nicole Hosp, who also is first in the overall standings. Another win here would make her position on top more comfortable.

09:12 - Poutiainen, Tanja (FIN):

Very strong these days is Finlands Tanja Poutiainen. She is capable to win in the Czech Republic! But she has to show two runs without mistakes.

09:14 - Zahrobska, Sarka (CZE):

The fans in Spindleruv Mlyn are glad to see Sarka Zahrobska at teh start. The local is the current World Champion. Her start was not safe, as she had an accident while opening a champagne bottle on New Years Day.

09:22 - Costazza, Chiara (ITA):

Italy hopes for a good perfomance by Chiara Costazza, who was the winner in Lienz with two perfect runs. She is an upcoming star doubtlessly.

09:28 - Riesch, Maria (GER):

Or can Germanys Maria Riesch do better than her fourth place last time? We will see - the race is about to begin!

09:31 - Schild, Marlies (AUT):

Schild is going down! This time she is not falling out, she sets the first time - how good is ist?

09:33 - Borssen, Therese (SWE):

Therese Borssen does well, but can't keep up with Schilds mark. She is half a second in behind.

09:34 - Zahrobska, Sarka (CZE):

Zahrobska now - maybe she wanted too much! One mistake in the upper part, now only third rank and one second handicap for run two.

09:36 - Hosp, Nicole (AUT):

Nicole Hosp, willing to defend her lead. Now she has to be close at Schilds time - but she as well loses half second in the icy first part. She won't be happy with that time.

09:38 - Zuzulova, Veronika (SVK):

That's a good run by Zuzulova. She doen not lose much above and can improve in the last section - that's a a second place so far.

09:39 - Jelusic, Ana (CRO):

Ana Jelusic has big problems, never gets into the rhythm and will have problems to even qualify for the second run with that time.

09:40 - Poutiainen, Tanja (FIN):

Poutiainen shows her potential in the first gates. She hunts Schilds time - but then throws it all away with a huge mistake. Only place six, she'll be angry in the second run.

09:42 - De Leymarie, Florine (FRA):

Florine de Leymarie also experiences problems in the turn to the last gates and loses two seconds there - that is too much.

09:43 - Zettel, Kathrin (AUT):

Kathrin Zettel can't really attack the time of Schild, who still is in the lead. Zettel comes in seventh.

09:45 - Kirchgasser, Michaela (AUT):

Kirchgasser is out! This course bears some problems, even for the best in the World Cup.

09:46 - Riesch, Maria (GER):

What a great race by Maria Riesch! Best time in the first part, then she has to fight, but she attacks until the finish line - and takes the top spot!

09:48 - Pietilae-Holmner, Maria (SWE):

Swedens Pietilae-Holmner does not attack as consequently. The result: almost three seconds in behind, thats a great handicap.

09:50 - Bergmann, Monika (GER):

The second German racer today is Monika Bergmann. But she can't take the line that Riesch took. Two seconds handicap for her, thats rank nine right now.

09:54 - Pärson, Anja (SWE):

Anja Pärson does not do better than Bergmann - she is on place ten currently.

09:55 - Costazza, Chiara (ITA):

Is this another race for Chiara Costazza? No - she is not ging to win today. One and a half seconds in behind is too much to repair this in the final run.

09:57 - Mancuso, Julia (USA):

Julia Mancuso fights for some points for the Overall World Cup and comes in on place 12 - thats not to bad for her in this discipline.

09:58 - Karbon, Denise (ITA):

Denise Karbon - the best GS racer this year - shows a good run, but then misses a gate close to the finish line. She won' t be too disappointed after her win yesterday.

10:00 - Vonn, Lindsey C. (USA):

Now we see Rieschs friend Lindsey Vonn. And the US girl is very strong! Vonn with a best mark - only a small mistake before the finish line throws her back to rank five. But anything is possible for her!

10:01 - Loeseth, Nina (NOR):

Nina Loeseth is still very young, but attacks with a lot of courage. That brings her to place 11 - a good base for the final.

10:03 - Gius, Nicole (ITA):

Nicole Gius of the strong italian team comes down with a couple of mistakes, but no really big one. Rank 16.

10:05 - Mölgg, Manuela (ITA):

We have seen Manuela Mölgg stronger this year. Here she enters the standings on place 16, three seconds behind Riesch.

10:07 - Aubert, Sandrine (FRA):

Big mistake by Sandrine Aubert - she steps back to complete the race but has no chance to enter the final with that time.

10:13 - Hansdotter, Frida (SWE):

Good run by Frida Hansdotter, who storms to the 13th place and will have her plave in the final run. Meanwhile the fight for the top 30 positions is progressing.

10:14 - Hölzl, Kathrin (GER):

Kathrin Hölzl can't feel safe with position 21 and more than three seconds handicap. Will this be enough?

10:15 - Chmelar, Fanny (GER):

Fanny Chmelar is half a second faster than her team mate and currently on place 18. That will be enough.

10:17 - Leinonen, Sanni (FIN):

Sanni Leinonen will most probably not get a second chance here. More than four second is simply too much.

10:20 - Riesch, Maria (GER):

That was it for the first run in the Women's slalom in Spindleruv Mlyn. We have Maria Riesch in the front - quite a surprise. But Marlies Schild is only a heartbeat in behind. The final starts at 12:30!

12:28 - Riesch, Maria (GER):

Welcome back to the second run in Spindleruv Mlyn. We expect an exciting fight for the vitory - mainly by Maria Riesch and Marlies Schild.

12:31 - Dautherives, Claire (FRA):

Claude Dautherives will be the first - she has the advantage of a perfect slope. Now she is on the course - and shows a good run.

12:33 - Riesch, Susanne (GER):

The sister of the current leader is next - Susanne Riesch. Riesch fights, but cannot take the lead - she is second behind Dautherives but will collect at least one point today.

12:34 - Streng, Simone (AUT):

Now it's up to Simone Streng from Austria. This is going to be a close race - and Streng is second, only a hair behind.

12:36 - Müller, Anne Marie (NOR):

Anne-Marie Müller falls back to the last position after a big mistake.

12:37 - Hölzl, Kathrin (GER):

The next German - Kathrin Hölzl. Very good first part by Hölzl, who can enlarge her lead and take the top spot.

12:39 - De Leymarie, Florine (FRA):

Florine de Leymarie does it even better - she clocks the best time in this run so far - naturally she takes the lead.

12:40 - Pietilae-Holmner, Maria (SWE):

Maria Pietilae-Holmner has more problems with this slope and falls back to the sixth place.

12:41 - Mölgg, Manuela (ITA):

Now Manuela Mölgg from Italy - and she takes a high risk. It looks very good, but a few gates before the finish line she loses the time for the first place.

12:43 - Gini, Sandra (SUI):

Sandra Gini had 17 Hundreths in front - they are gone very soon. But she does not give up, comes back and is the new leader on the board! Well done.

12:44 - Bonjour, Aline (SUI):

Her team mate Aline Bonjour loses 64/100 to Gini - that is only god for the fouth rank currently. She will be happy to collect some more points in the World Cup.

12:46 - Fleiss, Nika (CRO):

The current best time can still be improved. Nika Fleiss tries her best , enlarges her lead at first - but Gini had a fantastic finish. Fleiss is second.

12:50 - Gius, Nicole (ITA):

Nicole Gius is the new leader. She sets a new fastest time - that will bring her some places, for sure.

12:51 - Chmelar, Fanny (GER):

After her, Fanny Chmelar is at the start. She comes in fifth and can be satisfied with her result today.

12:52 - Perner, Nina (GER):

Nina Perner has managed to enter the final run but here she is in problems and falls back to ten.

12:53 - Dürr, Katharina (GER):

The third German in a row: Katharina Dürr is a talent - but she is able to ski very fast. What a great run by her. It's a clear lead and will be the best Word Cup result ever für Dürr.

12:54 - Mancuso, Julia (USA):

GS World Champion Julia Mancuso now attacks the best time - and succeeds. In the last part she was in a league of her own - up to now.

12:56 - Pärson, Anja (SWE):

Anja Pärson shows her class and almost egalizes Mancusos time in this run. Combined with her small lead, this is the first place.

13:00 - Hansdotter, Frida (SWE):

What a first part by Frida Hansdotter! The Swede has some problems later, but her lead is big enough to come in first.

13:04 - Bergmann, Monika (GER):

This is Monika Bergmanns chance for a top result - but she has some mistakes and come in on ninrth position only.

13:05 - Loeseth, Nina (NOR):

Nina Loeseth has to stand back as well - any small mistake will cost some ranks in the standings. Loeseth on seven.

13:06 - Zettel, Kathrin (AUT):

What can Kathrin Zettel do? She as well ist not faultless and therfore has to be contend with the fifth position.

13:07 - Poutiainen, Tanja (FIN):

It's not the best time in this run, but Tanja Poutianen is good enough to storm to the top. That will be good points for the World Cup, again.

13:09 - Costazza, Chiara (ITA):

Chiara Costazza had two brilliant runs in Linez - this one is a run seh will better forget. She almost dropped out - but will hardly have a chance to get points.

13:10 - Hosp, Nicole (AUT):

Nicole Hosp is out - the current World Cup leader dropped out of the race and may lose her position today. We will see, what Riesch and Schild can do!

13:11 - Zahrobska, Sarka (CZE):

Now it's getting louder - Sarka Zahrobska is on the course and will try to give her best. And she is first - it was not a perfect run, though.

13:12 - Vonn, Lindsey C. (USA):

Now comes Vonn, with a giant lead at the start - but it's all gone, because Vonn also dropes out. She missed her chance to get closer to Hosp.

13:14 - Borssen, Therese (SWE):

Therese Borssen has recognized that, she does not take the highest risk - but she comes in first.

13:15 - Zuzulova, Veronika (SVK):

Zuzulova has a different way - she attacks and has a very good run - maybe she can even hope for the victory with that one!

13:16 - Schild, Marlies (AUT):

Marlies Schild is back on track. Safe and fast, that is what the Austrian does today. This is the fastest time so far in the final run, the first position of course and the new mark for Riesch.

13:18 - Riesch, Maria (GER):

Can the German react? Now, she does not attack the way, Schild or Zuzulova did. She brings home her good result - and it is rank three. One more podium for her, the first victory this year will have to wait.


Congratulations to Marlies Schild - she wins the first race and will be a number one competitor for Slalom and Overall World Cup!

13:20 - Schild, Marlies (AUT):

The next ladies event is on January 12, 2008 - then a GS in Maribor is scheduled. Until then!