Welcome to the legendary Lauberhorn-Downhill in Wengen!


The race is scheduled for 1 p.m.


It's the 78th International Lauberhorn Downhill - 57 athletes are taking part in the traditional race.


The downhill was postponed from yesterday to today - a good decision. It was snowing yesterday, today the weather is brilliant. he sun is shining, it's -5 degrees on the course.


Again, the number of favorites is big: Didier Cuche, Bode Miller, Michael Walchhofer and Marco Buechel are the names heard most often among the downhill experts.


On Friday there was the Super Combined downhill, which was won by Didier Cuche. Cuche did not compete in the Super Combined slalom though.


The forerunners are on the course already. Gerog Streitberger will be the first one on the difficult course in a few minutes.

13:01 - Streitberger, Georg (AUT):

Start! Georg Streitberger is on the course.

13:05 - Streitberger, Georg (AUT):

Streitberger does not have any visible mistakes in his run: no problems in the Brüggli-S, but his speed wasn't too high there either. 2:32.75 is the first time in the finish.

13:06 - Clarey, Johan (FRA):

Johan Clarey is faster than the Austrian in the first part. He takes a higher speed into the Brüggli-S, too. But then he loses a lot until the Haneggschuss - and is 2nd in the finish.

13:09 - Heel, Werner (ITA):

Werner Heel surprised everyone in the second training session by setting the best time. Now he's behind after the Haneggschuss - and very close to the safety nets in the final passage. He is 2nd currently.

13:11 - Bottollier-Lasquin, Marc (FRA):

Marc Bottolier-Lasquin is 0.9 seconds behind after the Haneggschuss already. In the finish he is 1.3 seconds behind.

13:13 - Innerhofer, Christof (ITA):

Christof Innerhofer is behind at the time measurements, he is no danger for Streitberger. A good performance in the final S though. Innerhofer is 4th, 1.07 seconds behind.

13:14 - Bertrand, Yannick (FRA):

Yannick Bertrand is next. The French begins well, but then he doesn't hit the Brüggli-S ideally. He is 3rd in the finish, 0.76 behind.

13:18 - Kröll, Klaus (AUT):

Klaus Kröll is fast in the beginning. But his Brüggli-S is not optimal - he loses time there. Still it's the 3rd position in the finish.

13:19 - Nyman, Steven (USA):

Steven Nyman is on the course now. Not enough speed in the Brüggli-S, still he's not too far behind at the time measurement. He seems a little exhausted in the final S, but is only 0,05 seconds behind Streitberger in the finish.

13:23 - Sulzenbacher, Kurt (ITA):

Kurt Sulzenbacher takes over the lead! The Italian shows a clear run and is 0.3 seconds ahead of Streitberger.

13:24 - Buder, Andreas (AUT):

The lead changes again! Andreas Buder was especially fast in the first part, and doesn't lose much time throughout the rest of the course. He is 0.28 seconds ahead of Sulzenbacher.

13:25 - Hoffmann, Ambrosi (SUI):

Ambrosi Hoffmann is fast in the first part, too. His margin grows after the Haneggschuss though - the Swiss is 5th.

13:30 - Defago, Didier (SUI):

And there is the next Swiss already, Didier Defago. He is a second behind at the Hundsschopf already and keeps this margin until the finish.

13:31 - Maier, Hermann (AUT):

Hermann Maier is next. His best days seem to be over, still this isn't a bad run. Maier is about 0.4 seconds behind his teammate in the finish.

13:32 - Gruber, Christoph (AUT):

Christoph Gruber has a margin of almost a second after the first part already. He has a good speed, but can't make up the margin on the course. It's the 10th position in the finish.

13:34 - Osborne-Paradis, Manuel (CAN):

A sensational run of Manuel Osborne-Paradis! Fast in the first part, but then he totally misses the Brüggli-S, is far behind there. He gains speed again - and leads by 0.4 seconds in the finish!

13:39 - Jerman, Andrej (SLO):

Andrej Jerman won't compete for the first positions today. He is behind Buder in the finish.

13:40 - Büchel, Marco (LIE):

Marco Buechel is over a second behind at the first intermediate - what happened there? 9th only in the finish, that's not what he expected!

13:41 - Walchhofer, Michael (AUT):

A strong performance in the Brüggli-S, Michael Walchhofer is 0.7 seconds ahead there! But he loses time in the final sections - and is 2nd behind Osborne-Paradis.

13:41 - Guay, Erik (CAN):

Erik Guay has a big margin at the Brüggli-S already. He loses more - and is 2.2 seconds behind in the finish.

13:46 - Miller, Bode (USA):

Bode Miller is 0.3 seconds behind after the first part. But then the Brüggli-S - top speed! Bode is back, and 1.17 seconds ahead afterwards. He extends his leap in the Haneggschuss even. A great performance in the final S, too: Miller leads! The Amerian is 1.33 ahead! Impressive.

13:46 - Fill, Peter (ITA):

Peter Fill reaches the finish on the 17th position.

13:51 - Cuche, Didier (SUI):

Now Didier Cuche. Can the Swiss beat Bode Miller?

13:52 - Cuche, Didier (SUI):

Cuche is 0.14 seconds behind at the 2nd intermediate. Again a new top speed in the Brüggli-S! But still he loses time on Miller here. Cuche is 2nd in the finish.

13:53 - Sullivan, Marco (USA):

Marco Sullivan begins well. But then his margin grows and he is 7th in the finish.

14:01 - Albrecht, Daniel (SUI):

Daniel Albrecht loses time in the beginning of the race already. He is over 3 seconds behind after crossing the finish line - that's rank 21 currently.

14:02 - Staudacher, Patrick (ITA):

Patrick Staudacher is next. He is on a good run, especially in the final section. He is 13th in the finish.

14:09 - Kucera, John (CAN):

John Kucera misses the Brüggli-S totally. The final S isn't ideal either - he is over 3 seconds behind in the finish.

14:10 - Dalcin, Pierre-Emmanuel (FRA):

Dalcin has quite a margin after the Brüggli S, too. He is 20th in the finish.

14:11 - Macartney, Scott (USA):

Miller on 1 and Sullivan on 7 - that's a good result for the USA. Scott Macartney though comes in on position 23. That is less than he expected.

14:17 - Bourque, Francois (CAN):

Francois Bourque is second last in the finish. That's not the kind of result that the Canadian is used to.

14:19 - Keppler, Stephan (GER):

Stephan Keppler hits the Brüggli-S well, the margin is not too big. It's the 28th position for the German in the end.


Bode Miller wins the traditional Lauberhorn Downhill ahead of Didier Cuche and Manuel Osborne-Paradis. Congratulations!


That was the liveticker coverage of the Lauberhorn Downhill in Wengen. We'll be back on January 18th at 11.30 a.m. with another traditional course: Kitzbühel is holding a Super G then. See you!