The Men's Slalom in Wengen will start on January 12th at 09.45 a.m.

09:44 - Raich, Benjamin (AUT):

Hello and welcome to today's slalom in Wengen. In a few minutes the first starter, Benjamin Raich, will open the race.

09:45 - Grange, Jean-Baptiste (FRA):

Raich is one of the favorites for the race today. But also Neureuther and the strong French Grange should contenders today.

09:46 - Raich, Benjamin (AUT):

And there Raich opens the race and sets the first time on the challenging course.

09:48 - Neureuther, Felix (GER):

With bib number two we have Felix Neureuther who is also in good form. He is in the middle part close behind Raich and also in the end he is 0,23 seconds behind the Austrian.

09:55 - Mölgg, Manfred (ITA):

Another strong racer is Manfred Moelgg from Italy. He has some problems on the course and falls behind.

09:55 - Byggmark, Jens (SWE):

Good run by Jens Byygmark from Sweden. He is faster than Raich ans gets in front.

09:56 - Larsson, Markus (SWE):

The next Swede, Markus Larsson, is not that good today and falls behind Byygmark. Still he has chances for the podium this afternoon.

09:57 - Matt, Mario (AUT):

The World Champion Mario Matt shows his excellent form here now on the course and sets a new best time. Rank one for the Austrian.

09:58 - Grange, Jean-Baptiste (FRA):

What a great run by Grange again now. The winner from yesterday's super combined again with a superb perfromance here and he is leader now.

10:00 - Kostelic, Ivica (CRO):

More than a second is Ivica Kostelic behind now. That is the 7th place so far. The Croatian needs to attack in the final run.

10:00 - Gini, Marc (SUI):

The exact same time now for Marc Gini from Switzerland who is in shared 7th place with this performance.

10:02 - Berthod, Marc (SUI):

His team mate Marc Berthod is a bit slower and falls to last place a the moment. He is not satisfied with this outcome.

10:03 - Rocca, Giorgio (ITA):

After Lizeroux who falls to 11th place, Italian Giorgio Rocca has a good run. He hasn't been in good shape so far but with this run he has a chance for a good result again.

10:05 - Palander, Kalle (FIN):

Also Kalle Palander shows his strong form and he is even faster than Rocca and the experienced racer from Finland gets to the 5th place.

10:06 - Janyk, Michael (CAN):

Canadian Michael Janyk has a really bad run and falls to last place for the moment. He is 1,47 seconds behind Grange.

10:07 - Herbst, Reinfried (AUT):

With 1,10 seconds behind the leader Grange we have Austrian Herbst now in 11th place with a good position to attack in the final run.

10:09 - Ligety, Ted (USA):

Ted Ligety had a good result yesterday but today he has a big mistake in the middle part and falls behind. Only rank 14 for the American.

10:11 - Albrecht, Daniel (SUI):

One of the contenders for the overall World Cup, Daniel Albrecht, doesn't have his best day today and falls behind. Almost two seconds he is behind Grange.

10:12 - Deville, Cristian (ITA):

The same stands for Italian Deville. He is is now 17th but shouldn't be satisfied with his performance.

10:21 - Myhrer, Andre (SWE):

The Swede Andre Myhrer was the last one in the last minutes who could get a good result and placed himself in 11th position.

10:23 - Grange, Jean-Baptiste (FRA):

That should do it for the first run of the men's slalom in Wengen. We have Grange in front ahead of Matt and Byggmark.


It should be an interesting final run here in Wengen. We will be back with this run right on time at 12.30 p.m. Until then!


Welcome back to the final run of the men's slalom in Wengen. In a few minutes the men will start.

12:29 - Grange, Jean-Baptiste (FRA):

In front we have Grange from France who already won the super combined yesterday.

12:30 - Schönfelder, Rainer (AUT):

First up will be Rainer Schönfelder who was in disappointing 30th place after the first run.

12:33 - Schönfelder, Rainer (AUT):

Some problems for Schönfelder in the middle part and that is not a good result again.

12:34 - Vogel, Markus (SUI):

Markus Vogel who qualified surprisingly for the second run, can't finish the race. No points for him today!

12:35 - Albrecht, Daniel (SUI):

Daniel Albrecht is on a better way and skis well. That is the new leader for now. First place for the Swiss and let's see how far he will go in the rankings.

12:37 - Hargin, Mattias (SWE):

The two Swede Andersson and Hargin can't manage to beat the time of Albrecht. Hargin is second at the moment.

12:38 - Marshall, Cody (USA):

American Cody Marshall qualified for the final run. And yes, he will collect points today as he comes in 4th now. Good effort by the American!

12:40 - Lahdenperae, Anton (SWE):

Also the next Swede, Lahdenperae, doesn't have the best day and falls behind. That is only the 6th place for him.

12:41 - Deville, Cristian (ITA):

Good run now by Deville from Italy. He is only 0,29 seconds behind Albrecht and is second for the moment.

12:42 - Omminger, Andreas (AUT):

Some problems in the lower part now for Omminger from Austria. Rank five for him at the moment.

12:44 - Vajdic, Bernard (SLO):

Quite a good run by Vajdic now and he is third with this result. The Slovenian gets some points for that effort but it won't be a top result.

12:45 - Thaler, Patrick (ITA):

Italian Patrick Thaler falls way behind with his run. More than one second he is behind Albrecht.

12:48 - Berthod, Marc (SUI):

Also Michael Janyk is way behind with his run. The Canadian is only sixth. The same stands for Marc Berthod who is only 12th.

12:49 - Ligety, Ted (USA):

But now we have Ted Ligety who sets a brilliant new best time. That will be tough to beat for the following athletes. The American is of course first now!

12:50 - Lizeroux, Julien (FRA):

Frenchman Lizeroux is also a good racer wth potential which he shows here. That is the second place for him.


Now the top 15 of the first run will follow but for now the race is interrupted as it still snows a bit.

12:55 - Miller, Bode (USA):

Does Bode get a result in slalom again? Yes, he does as he comes in second after a solid run by the American. So we have two Americans in the lead.

12:57 - Mölgg, Manfred (ITA):

Moelgg has no chance for a top result here as he has some problems in the steep. That is place five.

12:59 - Myhrer, Andre (SWE):

Good run now by Andre Myhrer who is second now. The Swede lost his top position in the end, where Ligety had a great run. Still the American in the lead.

13:01 - Brolenius, Johan (SWE):

Also Brolenius loses time. He did it however in the top part and also in the end he can't keep up with Albrecht and skis out.

13:02 - Kostelic, Ivica (CRO):

Croatian Ivica Kostelic also has no chance for a top spot as he loses more than a second and is 7th in the end. No podium for him today.

13:03 - Gini, Marc (SUI):

No, also Marc Gini from Switzerland falls behind. He is in 12th position at the moment. Now we have the best eight still left in the field.

13:04 - Ligety, Ted (USA):

We have still Ted Ligety in the lead. How far can he move in the rankings? We will see in a bit...

13:06 - Neureuther, Felix (GER):

Neureuther attacks in the final here. In the top part he is already behind though and that is a disappointment for him. Only 17th in the end for the German!

13:08 - Larsson, Markus (SWE):

Larsson was 0,51 seconds faster than Ligety in the first run and he holds this in the top part. But then he skis out and gets no result.

13:09 - Rocca, Giorgio (ITA):

Rocca with no chance in the final run here but his 6th place is again a solid performance after all his problems in the last weeks and months.

13:11 - Palander, Kalle (FIN):

What a great run by Palander in the top part but then he also ski out and is frustrated. Bad luck for the Fin!

13:11 - Raich, Benjamin (AUT):

Now Raich! What can he do? In the top part he is still ahead...

13:12 - Raich, Benjamin (AUT):

... oh no, also Raich doesn't see the finish line. He is out and is not a happy man in the end!

13:14 - Byggmark, Jens (SWE):

But now we have a new leader with Jens Byygmark from Sweden! With a good run he is faster than Ligety and might be the winner!

13:14 - Matt, Mario (AUT):

World Champion Matt tries to hold up the Austrian flag here. What can he do?

13:16 - Matt, Mario (AUT):

Matt doesn't finish the race! Right at the start mistake and he is out! What a bad day for the Austrians!

13:16 - Grange, Jean-Baptiste (FRA):

Grange on the other hand has another brilliant performance and gets the win! That was a demonstration of his class here. He is 0,80 seconds ahead in the end!

13:19 - Grange, Jean-Baptiste (FRA):

So Grange celebrates his second win here in Wengen and collects 200 points! What a weekend for the French!

13:20 - Grange, Jean-Baptiste (FRA):

So Grange with his third World Cup win this season ahead of Jens Byggmark and Ted Ligety. What a thrilling race it was.


That should do it for today's slalom. We will be back tomorrow with the downhill in Wengen. Start is at 1 p.m. Until then!