At 12.15. p.m. the Men's Downhill in Val Gardena will start. We will be reporting live on this of course.


After the thrilling race yesterday we are awaiting an excellent downhill today.

12:14 - Walchhofer, Michael (AUT):

The favorites today are basically the same as yesterday. Especially Michael Walchhofer must be seen as the top contender.

12:20 - Defago, Didier (SUI):

First up will be Didier Defago, the racer from Switzerland. Defago sets the first time with 1.58.12 minutes. That is a long run.

12:23 - Streitberger, Georg (AUT):

After Defago, Streitberger from Austria is on this way. No chance for him to beat Defago's time who was in great shape today.

12:27 - Heel, Werner (ITA):

Heel is the first Italian today. He has a good run and skis the technically challenging passages wel. Close behind Defago in the end.

12:28 - Kucera, John (CAN):

The Canadian is behind in the top part. Then at the Kamelbuckel he has some problems.More than one second behind Defago.

12:29 - Bottollier-Lasquin, Marc (FRA):

Not much speed for the Frenchman in the top. That cost him some time and he is behind in the end. Third place for him right now.

12:32 - Clarey, Johan (FRA):

Clarey on the other hand skis better but at the crucial point, the Ciaslat, he has a mistake and falls behind.

12:33 - Grünenfelder, Tobias (SUI):

Also Gruenefelder has these kind of problems and can't attack the time of Defago. Still the Swiss in the front.

12:37 - Scheiber, Mario (AUT):

Mario Scheiber also has a good race in the top. Some technical mistakes in the middle part cost him the top spot. Still the third place for now.

12:37 - Hudec, Jan (CAN):

Too passive skis Hudec here. With this he has no chance to beat the time of Defago.

12:38 - Sulzenbacher, Kurt (ITA):

Good equipment is seems for Sulzenbacher. Close to Defago's time and only 0,17 seconds are missing for him.

12:41 - Hoffmann, Ambrosi (SUI):

No problems here for Hoffmann, who takes also the Kamelbuckels well. That is a new best time.

12:44 - Nyman, Steven (USA):

Now the first top favorites with Steven Nyman. But what is this? Nyman crashes after a few seconds.

12:45 - Gruber, Christoph (AUT):

Gruber is in top form and shows it again here. Third place for the Austrian who only has problems in the technical part here.

12:46 - Osborne-Paradis, Manuel (CAN):

Great run by Osborne-Paradis here. He is really fast and has only a few problems. That is the second place for the moment.

12:49 - Buder, Andreas (AUT):

Andreas Buder takes over third place from Defago now with a great run. In the top part he is even faster than Hoffmann.

12:59 - Cuche, Didier (SUI):

What a great run by Didier Cuche again. The Swiss takes over the lead with another fantastic run down the slope.

12:59 - Fill, Peter (ITA):

Peter Fill can't keep up with this and loses some time.

13:00 - Büchel, Marco (LIE):

Veteran Marco Buechel was in good from yesterday but today that is not a great result for him.

13:01 - Guay, Erik (CAN):

Erik Guay also is in great shape. With this run he teakes the second place and is happy about that of course.

13:02 - Miller, Bode (USA):

Bode Miller is also backn in his best shape. He loses though a lot of time in the Kamelbuckel and falls way behind.

13:04 - Walchhofer, Michael (AUT):

Walchhofer has won all of the classic runs but the saslong is missing - until now! With a great run he takes over the lead and is ahead of Cuche.

13:08 - Macartney, Scott (USA):

But the race is not over yet. Macartney skis really well and goes to the podium with this run. 3rd place for the moment for the American!

13:10 - Bertrand, Yannick (FRA):

Bertrand races way too passive here and falls behind.

13:14 - Maier, Hermann (AUT):

Hermann Maier still is not in his best shape it seems. Again here he is not a contender for the top spots. In the end he is in 16th place.

13:15 - Sullivan, Marco (USA):

Sullivan can't get a good run together here today and falls behind afte he lost the line as well in the end.

13:16 - Staudacher, Patrick (ITA):

The super G World Champion is on the course bu Staudacher is maybe too motivated and wants to much.In the end he is only in 20th place.

13:19 - Kröll, Klaus (AUT):

Great result for Klaus Kroell now who comes in as 9th. That is a good top ten place for the Austrian.

13:23 - Zurbriggen, Silvan (SUI):

Zurbriggen crashes at the second jump but everything seems to be okay. Only the knee might be injured a bit.

13:28 - Dalcin, Pierre-Emmanuel (FRA):

After Zurbriggen Dalcin skis on the course but he doesn't have the best motivation it seems.

13:29 - Walchhofer, Michael (AUT):

So that was it for the men's downhill in Val Gardena. We have seen a great victory from Michael Walchhofer ahead of Didier Cuche and Scott Macartney.


Tomorrow the men will race a giant slalom in Alta Badia. Start of the first run will be at 09.45 a.m. See you then!