Welcome to the second Men's Slalom World Cup competition of this winter!


We are in Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria, today. The first run is scheduled for 10 a.m. (CET).


The course of today's race is named after the legendary Franz Klammer.


The start is at a height of 1285 metres, the altitude difference between start and finish is 220 metres.


The course is 625 metres long, 56 gates are to be handled.

09:43 - Gini, Marc (SUI):

It was a little surprise to see young Swiss Marc Gini win the first slalom of this season. He has bib 15 today, and of course he wants to prove his excellent performance of the last race and stay in front in the slalom World Cup ranking.

09:47 - Palander, Kalle (FIN):

Kalle Palander was second on the Reiteralm. The Finn is specialized on the technical disciplines and has been skiing to top results in slaloms and giant slaloms for years. He is the 7th athlete to hit the track today.

09:52 - Mölgg, Manfred (ITA):

Today's race will be opened by Manfred Moelgg. The Italian ranked 2nd in yesterday's giant slalom. He finished the first slalom race on the 3rd position and is one of the favorites today, too.


As always, the Austrias skiers are among the winning candidates. Especially Benni Raich (bib 2), Mario Matt (bib 4) and Reinfried Herbst (bib 19) want to hit the podium today.

09:55 - Albrecht, Daniel (SUI):

Daniel Albrecht, leader in the overall World Cup ranking, has bib no. 16 in today's race.


The forerunners are on the course currently.


The weather conditions are good: a few clouds on the sky, the temperature is around 0 degrees. The course is icy though.

10:02 - Mölgg, Manfred (ITA):

A clear and good run of Manfred Moelgg, no visible mistakes. 49.69 - that't the time the others have to beat.

10:04 - Raich, Benjamin (AUT):

The next starter is one of the big favorites already. Benni Raich has a good run in the upper part of the course, better than Moelgg still. Too much risk at one of the next gates, but he manages. Raich takes over the lead after a strong performance in the last section.

10:05 - Larsson, Markus (SWE):

Markus Larsson with a strong run in the first part, faster than Raich even! Difficulties in the last gates then, he finishes behind Raich.

10:07 - Matt, Mario (AUT):

Mario Matt, slalom World Champion. His run looks good, but is not as fast as the others before. Especially in the last passage the Austrian loses time. He is not satisfied with this run at all.

10:09 - Byggmark, Jens (SWE):

Jens Byggmark was the slalom shooting star last winter. He wants to make up for his supoptimal Reiteralm performance today - a great race in the first part already! The last gates are difficult though, like Matt and Larsson he is having difficulties there. Still the 2nd position for the young Swede.

10:10 - Palander, Kalle (FIN):

Kalle Palander was slalom World Champion in 1999. Quite a margin after the first intermediate already, then he misses a gate and skies out. No World Cup points today for the routined Finn.

10:11 - Myhrer, Andre (SWE):

Andre Myhrer, too, is far behind after the first section already. He is having difficulties with the icy slope and ranks 7th currently.

10:14 - Neureuther, Felix (GER):

Felix Neureuther is next. The young German shows a good performance, he can compete with Raich. It's the 3rd position for him in the finish.

10:15 - Zurbriggen, Silvan (SUI):

Silvan Zurbriggen was 2nd at the World Championships 2003. Still looking for his shape of earlier years, he is 9th after his run.

10:16 - Berthod, Marc (SUI):

Marc Berthod does not like the short turns that are mandatory for a good run on this course. It's the 9th position for him in the finish.

10:16 - Pranger, Manfred (AUT):

Manfred Pranger with an aggressive performance! He is fast in the first part, loses a little in the middle section. 6th position in the finish.

10:17 - Ligety, Ted (USA):

Ted Ligety skies out! The American misses a gate.

10:19 - Kostelic, Ivica (CRO):

Ivica Kostelic is strong today! Almost equal to Raich after the first two intermediates, but then he is having difficulties in the final passage! 9th only, that looked like a good result after the first gates.

10:20 - Gini, Marc (SUI):

Marc Gini now, the winner of the Reiteralm slalom. He is behind at the first intermediate already, and loses more throughout the course. Gini is over a second behind Raich in the finish.

10:23 - Albrecht, Daniel (SUI):

Daniel Albrecht is fastest at the first intemediate! But then he loses time, especially in the last section. Raich had an excellent run there, Albrecht is 10th currently.

10:25 - Deville, Cristian (ITA):

Christian Deville's margin grows with each gate. The Italian is 10th in the finish.

10:26 - Lizeroux, Julien (FRA):

Julien Lizeroux is on the course. Excellent performance in the steep part, but what does he do then? He stays in the race, but that mistake cost time. 15th position currently.

10:27 - Herbst, Reinfried (AUT):

Reinfried Herbst is having high ambitions today. A good run, he does not lose too much time. The Austrian is 5th in the finish.

10:28 - Minagawa, Kentaro (JPN):

Kentaro Minagawa loses over a second in the last part of the course. He is 1.6 seconds behind Raich in the finish.

10:30 - Hansson, Martin (SWE):

A bad start for Martin Hansson, he can't find the right speed afterwards. Consequently, he misses a gate and skies out.

10:32 - Sasaki, Akira (JPN):

Akira Sasaki is not in his best shape yet. A big margin, the Japanese slips often on the icy course. 18th position for him.

10:33 - Vajdic, Bernard (SLO):

Bernard Vajdic slips, falls and skies out.

10:34 - Cochran, Jimmy (USA):

Jimmy Cochran shows a good performance. No major mistakes, the American is 7th in the finish.

10:36 - Karlsen, Truls Ove (NOR):

Truls Ove Karlsen loses a lot in the first gates already. He takes over the last position in the finish.

10:37 - Lahdenperae, Anton (SWE):

Anton Lahdenperae is without World Cup points in this winter still. The 22-year-old shows a solid race and is 19th in the finish.

10:40 - Koll, Alexander (AUT):

Alexander Koll misses a gate in the steep passage and skies out.

10:41 - Brolenius, Johan (SWE):

Johan Brolenius is 0.6 seconds behind at the first intermediate already. The Swede fights - and is about a second behind in the finish.

10:42 - Vogl, Alois (GER):

Alois Vogl is next. A good race in the first and middle part, but then he skies out after missing a gate.

10:43 - Valencic, Mitja (SLO):

Mitja Valencic has a big margin on Raich already. He, too, misses a gate and drops out.

10:46 - Miller, Bode (USA):

Bode Miller is next on the course. An average run in the first part, but we see the next drop-out shortly afterwards. Gate missed, Miller does not get World Cup points today.

10:48 - Kucera, John (CAN):

Speed specialist John Kucera is trying out slalom. He can't keep up with the best naturally, but is 2.7 seconds behind in the finish only.

10:49 - Fill, Peter (ITA):

Peter Fill skies out in the steep passage after stepping on his own ski accidentally.

10:50 - Jansrud, Kjetil (NOR):

Kjetil Jansrud with a solid run, the young Swede is 20th in the finish.

10:50 - Andersson, Oscar (SWE):

Oscar Andersson has a margin of over 5 seconds in the finish. We won't see him again in the 2nd round.

10:54 - Kelley, Tim (USA):

Tim Kelley is fighting with the course - 26th in the finish.

10:54 - Biggs, Patrick (CAN):

Patrick Biggs shows a good performance in the first section, but slips and misses a gate then.

10:55 - Bank, Ondrej (CZE):

Ondrej Bank drops out, too.

10:55 - Trejbal, Filip (CZE):

Filip Trejbal with a great race in the first part, only 0.4 seconds behind! But then he skies out missing a gate. Bad luck.


That was the liveticker coverage of the first run of the men's slalom race in Bad Klein Kirchheim. Benni Raich is leading the competition ahead of Jens Byggmark and Felix Neureuther.


Stay tuned for the second run, which is scheduled for 1 p.m. (CET)! We'll be back right in time with an exciting final run.


Welcome back to Bad Kleinkirchheim!


In about half an hour, the second run of the men's slalom will take place.


Benni Raich (AUT) is in front after the first run. Jens Byggmark (SWE) follows closely behind, Felix Neureuther (GER) is 3rd.

12:52 - Dragsic, Mitja (SLO):

Mitja Dragsic was the last athlete to make it to the second run. He will open the race in about 10 minutes.


The forerunners are on the course already.

13:01 - Dragsic, Mitja (SLO):

Mitja Dragsic on the course. 1:36.56 - that's the time to beat for the following athletes now.

13:03 - Hirscher, Marcel (AUT):

18-year-old Marcel Hirschler is next. The youngster with great difficulties in the steep part, he almost skies out. He is over 3 seconds behind in the finish.

13:05 - Thaler, Patrick (ITA):

A great run of Patrick Thaler! He extends his leap in the upper part, and is 1.2 seconds ahead in the finish.

13:14 - Lahdenperae, Anton (SWE):

Anton Lahdenperae loses his margin on the first meters already. Then a mistake, the Swede skies out.

13:15 - Jansrud, Kjetil (NOR):

Kjetil Jansrud has a good leap on Thaler already. But Thaler had an excellent run, Jansrud is 5th in the finish.

13:15 - Razzoli, Giuliano (ITA):

Giuliano Razzoli skies out.

13:16 - Zurbriggen, Silvan (SUI):

Silvan Zurbriggen now. A tiny leap still after the intermediate, but he loses time in the final passage. Thaler is still in front, Zurbriggen 2nd.

13:22 - Berthod, Marc (SUI):

Marc Berthod has a good rythm, but loses a lot of time in the final passage, too. 1.82 seconds in the finish.

13:22 - Gini, Marc (SUI):

Marc Gini is next. His margin grows in the last part, too. The Swiss is 6th in the finish.

13:23 - Brolenius, Johan (SWE):

Johan Brolenius skies out after 4 gates already.

13:33 - Albrecht, Daniel (SUI):

Daniel Albrecht was a second ahead of Thaler after the first run. He can't keep this leap and is a second behind in the finish.

13:34 - Kostelic, Ivica (CRO):

Ivica Kostelic with a good run again, but he, too, can't take over the lead. 0.19 seconds behind in the finish.


Mario Matt is over a second ahead at the start. Difficulties in the steep part, he misses a gate!

13:35 - Grange, Jean-Baptiste (FRA):

Jean-Baptiste Grange extends his leap in the middle section, but then falls behind Thaler again.

13:35 - Pranger, Manfred (AUT):

Manfred Pranger loses a lot in the first part already. 5th position in the finish.

13:36 - Mölgg, Manfred (ITA):

Manfred Mölgg now. At the last time measurement, he is still a second ahead! That's the new leader!

13:37 - Mölgg, Manfred (ITA):

Three Italians in front now: Moelgg, Thaler and Deville.

13:37 - Herbst, Reinfried (AUT):

Now Reinfried Herbst. Aggressive skiing, but that's too much! He is 4th in the finish.

13:40 - Larsson, Markus (SWE):

Markus Larsson is not in top shape yet. He can't break into the italian trio and is 9th in the finish.

13:41 - Neureuther, Felix (GER):

Felix Neureuther now, 3rd after the first run. A good race in the upper part, but then suddenly all of his leap is gone. It's the 9th position only in the finish, he had hoped for more.

13:43 - Byggmark, Jens (SWE):

A new leader! Jens Byggmark is fighting on his way down, but he saves 0.06 seconds and takes over the lead!

13:43 - Raich, Benjamin (AUT):

Benni Raich now, the slalom dominator.

13:45 - Raich, Benjamin (AUT):

That's another victory for the Austrian! The slalom specialist with an excellent run, he even extends his leap in the final section. 0.66 seconds ahead in the finish, Raich is cheering!

13:46 - Raich, Benjamin (AUT):

Raich takes over the lead in the overall World Cup ranking now, too.

13:47 - Raich, Benjamin (AUT):

This is Raich's 30th victory in a World Cup race, congratulations! Jens Byggmark is 2nd, Manfred Moelgg 3rd.

13:47 - Thaler, Patrick (ITA):

Patrick Thaler reaches a sensational 4th position after a furious second run.


That was the liveticker coverage of the men's slalom competition in Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria.


We will be back on December 14th at 12.15 p.m. (CET) with the men's Super G World Cup in Val Gardena - Groeden (ITA), stay tuned!