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Bewertungen für das Skigebiet Jack Frost

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Bewertungen für das Skigebiet Jack Frost


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Scott Marquette

I visit JFBB often, but will not go back. I tried to buy lift tickets with a gift card I purchased last year, but they told me I could not do so, even though the card says " This Card May Be used toward purchase of Lift Tickets, Rental, Lessons, or Food Service". Awful business ran by awful people. Would give zero stars if I could. ... Vollständige Bewertung
Will sell you a gift card, the...
vor 9 Monaten

Skied JF last week on a Tuesday. Conditions were very good and coverage great till 2pm when the heavy wet Stuff kicked in... (warm day). I was pleased with the COVID/safety precautions in place. There were also few upbeat ambassadors (hi Fran) to monitor mask usage and talk-up the mountain. It’s unfortunate so many of the friendly employees (the group sales ladies, Max, Steve and others are not working due to “the times”; but we will see them all next season. I’ll be back to JF next week, and the following, and again etc. There is a different feel to their website now that Vail took over. The sister slope BB doesn’t get webcam or publicity focus at all. Hoping Vail influence doesn’t affect price Increases and small time family feel.... Vollständige Bewertung
Steady pitch mountain. Typica...
Short runs.
vor 10 Monaten


Some of the runs have sections that are steep enough to be considered Intermediate. These are wide and well groomed, and not dangerous. Melting and refreezing is inevitable with our current weather patterns. The groomers do an admirable job of covering the ice with the available machine made snow; small spots do get skied off. I'm an advanced skier accustomed to Hunter and Mt Snow. I ski at Jack Frost as a pleasant way to stay in shape while hoping that the situation will improve at those real mountains. In the context of the ongoing national tragedies we're lucky to have this, as limited as it is. ... Vollständige Bewertung
Excellent grooming and snownak...
Icy parking lots, Slow chairli...
vor 11 Monaten

At one time before Peak Resorts assumed ownership the snow cover and grooming were way above average.Under present ownership both snow and grooming is below average.Prices are outrageous.The business model has morphed in to musical entertainment versus skiing.... Vollständige Bewertung
ideal for intermediate skiier
deficient grooming
vor 2 Jahren

Greg Bernard

Close this place and sell you tickets online. Customer Service guy "Steve" is a piece of work. This is a small mountain and you would be better to go to Camelback. Camelback is much friendlier and their are things around the ski resort (hotels and food and other activities). Definitely Jack Frost is not friendly like Camelback Ski Resort. The people here hide away from you especially now (January 2020) when we haven't had any real snow and business is slow. Payed for Jack Frost but they were closed when I got there. Called and they said they are closed. Would not refund my tickets the next day so don't buy online. If you go you can see it is kinda quiet here and small and the people were unfriendly. The next day "Steve", the customer service person from Jack Frost tells me I was wrong. Don't waste your time with this place and their shady practices. The mountain at Camelback feels way more inviting and friendly than Jack Frost or Big Boulder. Camelback costs a few more bucks but it is actually alive and not dead like Jack Frost.... Vollständige Bewertung
Small and Bad Customer Service
vor 2 Jahren

John Loufik

There’s something for everyone in the family. Dedicated instruction areas let students learn without much risk or running into others.... Vollständige Bewertung
Great for learning at all leve...
Not really
vor 3 Jahren


I went with my family on a Friday morning, March 8th. This was the first time skiing for my daughters, ages 4 and 2, and I wanted to take them someplace that wouldn't be very crowded. I've been to Jack Frost before, but didn't realize how limited the space that they allow beginners to practice was. I had pre-purchased lift tickets for myself and my dad, which was great. I did not realize however that they charged for children under 6, it was only $10, so I didn't think it was too bad. We purchased their tickets and their rentals and went to the rental area to pick up their equipment. My 2 year old really wanted to snowboard, but they didn't have boots small enough. So we went and got her skis instead, not a huge deal. Then we went out to the area that looked like it was for beginners, but were promptly kicked out because it was designated "lessons only". We moved to the side and made do. Mind you there was no lift, magic carpet, t-bar. Nothing. Our backs were hurting. After lunch we spotted another area directly in front of the lodge that had a magic carpet and no signs about it being a "lessons only" only area. We were SO excited. The kids loved going on the magic carpet, and I loved it more because hauling kids up a hill constantly is quite the workout (especially in ski boots!). Then they shut off the carpet and someone came out and told us we couldn't use it. At this point I'm so frustrated and my kid is throwing a tantrum because they just wanted to ride the magic carpet. I didn't feel comfortable bringing the kids down the beginner trail to the chair lift, because 2 year olds can't sit still that long and I could just picture her hanging from the lift. PLEASE PLEASE designate an area for beginners that has a working magic carpet, and DOES NOT require a lesson. (And maybe purchase some little kid snowboard boots, too). ... Vollständige Bewertung
Low Key, Less Crowded
No area for beginners unless y...
vor 3 Jahren

Avery Zucco

Jack Frost is one of the few mountains with gladed terrain, and the only one in the Poconos to have any kind of off-piste terrain. If it snows and there is a base of natural snow, Jack Frost is a lot of fun which skis much bigger than it is on paper. If there isn't natural snow, which is most of the time, then you're stuck with the same handful of relatively identical groomers which are fairly short and flat. The steep pitches are very, very short. The quality of their manmade snow is ok at least, and their terrain park is always well maintained and interesting (made by the same crew that does Big Boulder's parks). Jack Frost is also relatively uncrowded, and is a much mellower scene than Blue Mountain or Camelback, which get very crowded, especially on weekends and when conditions are good. For a beginner, its a great place to learn. For experts it will probably get boring quick unless they've had the aforementioned giant dump of snow opening up the woods. But if they do have natural snow, the combination of off-piste terrain and no lines can make for some really great days. The best days I've had on the snow in PA have been here, for example.... Vollständige Bewertung
Quiet, great when it snows.
Flat, short trails.
vor 3 Jahren


So I started Skiing here when I was 13yrs old, always loved this mountain, I have a season pass at Bear Creek, but when temps turn warmer, time to go north, so I head to Jack Frost about 1hour 40mins away, so the website has the mountain all wrong, there are a number of blues(some should be black diamond) very steep, the terrain park is awesome, something for everyone, I returned last year for the first time after 20 years, first of all, the lodge and decor has not changed one bit, but the terrain is different, what I have noticed is that the snow quality is excellent! It gets very busy on weekends so beware, but all in all, east mountain is excellent! They state on this website they do not have black diamonds, they do actually, and very challenging ones, On the one Blue trail, exhibition, they have regular skiing and moguls, then you go over 2 trails to steeper black diamonds Thunderbolt and Challenge, then off to far east mountain, don't worry they have an out, snow chute, of you don't take it, you will have to face the double black diamonds which are not on the trail map, they list them as Black diamonds, they are not, the second you get off the lift you are met with a "double black diamonds,experts only sign, so I figured I would ski it, I went down at first which were black diamonds, then was left which was a 40 or 50% slope the rest of the way down which was met with a glade. What a rush, From beginner to expert you will find this mountain a blast! After you get tired at Jack Frost which closes at 4PM, you can head over to Big Boulder, 50% ski terrain, 50% Terrain Park. Like skiing trees? Try Mad Tree Glade on the Double Black Diamonds at Jack Frost! All in all, great snowmaking, light buttery like dry snow, a blast to ski! ... Vollständige Bewertung
Great Skiing, get both resorts...
Small Lodge, Overly Crowded on...
vor 4 Jahren

Sonia Krutka

We spent two days skiing at Jack Frost and we loved it. It was great.... Vollständige Bewertung
Great trails
vor 5 Jahren
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