In the end of last year, the two Swedes Martin Letzter and Olof Sundström completed their "mission": Climbing all peaks of the "Se7en Summits" and skiing down again.

The last summit to be resolved was the most remote and inhospitable mountain in the world - Mount Vinson (4.897 m) in Antarctica. In December 2006 the team succeeded in this task - and directly went on with the next plan: Becoming the first people ever to ski Carstensz Pyramid, rising 4.884 meters over the Arafura Sea in Guinea...

Here there is Martin Letzter's short news:
"Olof and myself have just returned to Jakarta after having successfully climbed and skied Puncak Jaya (Carstensz Pyramid), 4.884 m, the highest mountain in Oceania, as well as the second highest, Ngga Pulu at 4.862 m (both on Papua).

Apart from making first ski descents of these two peaks (as well as the only two remaining glaciers on New Guinea), we are now the only people to have skied the Messnerian Seven Summits version and all eight of the "Seven Summits".

Of course, the Dynafit gear we used on Vinson was put to good use during the expedition, including the clothing, Se7en Summits skis, bindings and ski boots.

Press material, photos and videos are now being made available on our website"